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Noveske Releases Unique Video

Noveske's Social MarketingI’ve always had a love for Noveske and their social media campaigns. It helps that they also have some unique characters within the bunch of their crew as well. Attractive ladies, bearded men, barbecues and shooting are all part of a heritage that makes gun enthusiasts giddy with excitement and joy. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday when I came across the following post, and I had to give it a watch. This is the sort of innovative marketing that helps create a “tribe” or a “community” around their brand. People who buy Noveske products don’t just buy them and move on, they share with their friends because it’s cool. If I were to buy a Noveske upper you can be assured I’d be posting pictures to Instagram, Facebook and most likely making some sort of awesome “unboxing” video on my personal youtube channel to show off my new hardware made by “the greatest gun manufacturer ever“.

Video is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to marketing online, because visitors have such a low tolerance for reading. Simply clicking the “play” button and sitting back for thirty or more seconds is a lot easier than scrolling through a blog post or snippet about how great you are. The gun industry is so heavily regulated on how it can market it’s products that anywhere you can use video is like a TV commercial, only better. It allows fans to share, comment and subscribe. Wouldn’t it be awesome to run a television commercial and afterwards get some action from the viewer? That’s what video can do, and if done correctly it will go viral within it’s respective space and crate more awareness with desired demographics.

Check out the video yourself and see if you are compelled to at least comment, possibly even share it with a friend or on your personal social media outlet liek your Facebook wall or Google+ feed. Firearms marketing can be challenging, but it can also allow brands to innovate and think outside the box when it comes to marketing new ideas to market without shoving the latest product in everyone face.
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Branding & Logos

Branding and logo development can be an exhausting process. Color palettes, fonts, kerning illustration and messaging are just a few things that can challenge any seasoned creative team. I wanted to share some of the concepts of the final designs so you could see the post process decision making. In another post later I will post a gallery of a lot of our original logos and the process for selecting what you see now.

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